big dog collar bling
Healthy organic dog treats
Necessities for dogs, accessories for the people who love them. Collars & leashes, as beautiful as they are sturdy, are here! Hand-painted pillows too! Toys, travel accessories and a good pet hair remover roller (always necessary) coming soon. 

Check out our big-dog-collar bling, oh my!

(Big dog personalities, like Lily-Belle, appreciate bling.)

 Only the healthiest, freshest dog-safe  
ingredients are selected for our handcrafted dog treats. Our dogs love them and we think yours will too. We're so confident that we will buy them back from you if your dog doesn’t like them!
At Peace Treats: dog-tasted; veterinarian-approved.
(Wendy is not an actor and was not paid to love At Peace Treats.)

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dog training tips
Life is complicated. Understanding and good behavior among friends needn't be. Find training tools and advice for good canineship here. 

(Scout, age 3, has matured into trusted friend and protector of Wynley Alpacas. She no longer loses to the soaker hose.)

celebrate dog life, cat life, pet life

Honor your friend with the pet keepsake or ceremony that best defines the love and life you have shared. Hand-painted memory bags, antique stirrup frames, nose print jewelry, necklaces, urns, keepsakes and ceremony information is found here.

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