About Wynne & Charley - This wife and husband team have been celebrating pets' lives at Wynley Park since August 2008.

Wynne has been working toward her dream of providing pet mortality services and conducting life graduation celebrations since 2007, when she said goodbye to her beloved dog, Tuxedo. 

She has an innate, comforting way of communicating with animals, especially dogs. Through the positive reinforcement method, Wynne has kindly trained several dogs, a handful of ducks & geese and enjoys working with alpacas. 

As an animal-lover, she understands the pain of losing a beloved pet. As a retired social worker, she is adept at recognizing and sorting through the feelings of indecision, fear, anger, regret, deep sadness, guilt, relief and overwhelming love that death often brings. Wynne is insured and trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. She is ordained and a trusted member of the community.  

Let Wynne help you to prepare for death, plan a life celebration or create one more lasting memory of your pet. Sadness over a loved one's death is inevitable; however, indecision, fear and regret may be lessened with thoughtful planning. Claim the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will make the very best decisions for your pet.



Charley is a proud pet adopter who believes that healthy socialization among dogs and cats, along wth his gentle touch and a firm voice will produce desirable behaviors almost every time. A desirable dog is a happy dog and really, who doesn't want to be happy?


His commitment to the animal's best interest motivates him to "do the right thing". Charley is the brawn behind Wynley Park, lifting, digging and moving the heavy stuff. He also might be the kindest ball-thrower, bather and transporter you pet will ever meet. 

In addition to maintaining Wynley Park, Charley assists Wynne part-time with life celebrations. Charley serves his country and community as a member of the U.S. Army and the mentor of a bright, funny young man in middle school. He works full-time assisting fellow soldiers as they prepare to mobilize to, or return from deployment.  

Hi, I am happy to chat with you about our services and products. 


                        Wynne Breece

Looking forward to helping you and your pet any way we can!   


                      Charley Keating

Tuxedo, the Dog that Inspired Wynley Park

My "It dog", the one, "boo", soulmate – all words I have used when trying to describe my connection with my dog, Tuxedo. Dalmatians are a funny breed; you either don’t much care for them or YOU ARE OBSESSED with them. I have been obsessed ever since my first dali, Tessa.

At Peace Pet Services Tuxedo

Tuxedo & Wynne: April 18, 1993 -

August 14, 2007

When I started searching for my second dali, I SEARCHED, seeing thirteen puppies in one weekend.  “About the parents,” I would ask “do they smile?  Right away I knew by the look on one breeder’s face that he had seen a Dalmatian smile. His eyes lit up and he said “come meet the pups’ dad”. Sure enough, Tux smiled just like his sire, only never for a camera.


His formal name was Tuxedo’s Asset, after Tessa, and he became more than I could have imagined. In a city far away from family, he was my family. I could (and did) change jobs, boyfriends, apartments…but Tuxedo remained my one constant.  Love. I never grew tired of seeing him smile when I opened my front door, taking him running, or being awakened by him in the middle of the night because he was cold and needed under the covers. To this day, a snoring dog is my favorite sound.


Tux was my miracle dog. He was afraid of nothing and with him around, I learned to be less afraid too. Tux and I often went running on a quiet, rarely-traveled country road, close to the home of a friend. One day, a car came out of nowhere.  Tuxedo flew, I screamed and the car kept going, seemingly unaware of the devastation it left behind.

Tux was thrown across the road and into a knee-high hay field. I walked every bit of that field, searching and calling, certain he lay dead or dying and determined not to let him leave this world alone. When it got too dark to see, I sat on the nearest dirt road and prayed harder than I ever had for a pet. Then I made the long walk back to the house, only to find him waiting patiently for me on the back steps with nothing more than some road rash on his right elbow. It’s true, God does hold each of us in the palm of his hand. Tux had God's thumbprint on his elbow to prove it.


 My sweet Tuxedo was 14 when he graduated. His death hit me hard. I needed to memorialize him, to celebrate “us”, him and me. I knew that one day I would create a pet memorial garden in the country where I would scatter Tuxedo’s ashes, where I would sit quietly with nature, remembering us, and where he would send me dragonflies.


If your soulmate came to you in a furry body, we want to welcome you to Wynley Park.  We think you might even see a dragonfly while you're here...