At Peace pledges to use only the healthiest freshest ingredients in At Peace Dog Treats.

Healthy organic dog treats

Domino's Dominos

Lovingly handcrafted, using all-natural veterinarian-approved ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter, eggs from free-range chickens and healthy flours. No added sugar, salt or preservatives, just wholesome goodness your dog is sure to love! In fact, we will buy back the uneaten dog treats from you if your dog does not like them.


Be sure to order our grain-free version of Domino's Dominos if your dog is on a grain-free diet.

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the Inspiration behind the Dominos

I began baking domino-shaped dog treats for our dogs and calling them Domino's Dominos in honor of our Domino.


My husband rescued Domino from an animal shelter when he was a puppy, becoming his third owner after the previous two owners changed their minds, citing "chewing" and "digging" as reasons for relinquishing him. He was just 4 months old when he came into Charley's life and three years later, he came into mine.


Dom had this gentle way of drawing people to him. He was a calming, steadfast presence, and we often relied on him to help us train other dogs. He grew out of his digging & chewing phase (as most puppies do) and into a most loyal dog. Perhaps shelter dogs know they've been given a 2nd, sometimes 3rd, chance at love.

pet loss and grief, dying pet

Domino's Graduation, May 12, 2014

Dom stayed with us as long as he could. He was 13 when we made the decision to have him euthanized due to his compromised kidney function and weakened back legs. We wanted to make one more beautiful memory with him before letting him go. Thanks to our vet and very good pain management, his last two days with us were wonderful. We enjoyed short walks, sitting in the sunshine and camping on the livingroom floor with a blow-up mattress. How that dog could snuggle...

end pet suffering, euthanasia

We captured his paw print for the garden. Then the next morning, we loaded up the dogs, said goodbye

to the cats, alpacas, ducks, geese and Dommie's favorite stuffed possum and took the one-way road we

all must travel eventually. Dom seemed at peace during the ride, staring off into the blue sky as if he

could already see what, and who, waited for him up ahead. Dom was at peace and we could be too.

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