In-Home Pet Sitting

Your pet’s peace and comfort – nothing is more important to your pet than you,

and being in your home with your stuff is the next greatest thing to being with you. 


All pets thrive in a comfortable, predictable environment; however, they each have their own personalities! I spend time and attention to ensure each pet is comfortable, content and safe in my care.


We begin by getting to know each other during the initial visit. I meet you and your pet to learn about your needs and preferences in order to know what works best for each dog and cat. For two of our clients, this means spending one afternoon a week with the dogs. Others opt for two visits per day, and some treat their dog to a

walk 2 or 3 times per week. Walking a few times each week provides the perfect


Pet Sitting Pricing*


$20  1 hour/visit      

  $37  2 hours –same visit or 

      same day ($18.5/hr)

$51  3 hour visit ($17/hr)

   $65  4 hour visit ($16.25/hr)

 $80  5 hour visit ($16/hr)


*Georgetown/ Hutto area

opportunity to practice basic canine good citizenship. Whether you need drop-ins, play-dates or dog-walks, you will be able to focus on work, relax, shop or enjoy your vacation knowing your pet is safe and happy at home. As a social worker turned pet care professional, this is my goal: to ensure peace for pets and for their people. Trained in pet CPR and First Aid.

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Pets​ & Children

Often, a child's first experience with nurturing, rather than being nurtured, is with a pet.

Is your child ready? (coming soon) LGDs

(Livestock Guardian Dogs)

Want to know more about

these hardworking farm

partners? (coming soon)

Keep them healthy

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