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Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

March is Poison Prevention Awareness month. How handy is this chart of the most dangerous foods for dogs...

In addition to human edibles, our dogs are sometimes attracted to common household items that none most of us would not dream of ingesting like batteries, bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, dryer sheets and detergent pods.

VetStreet lists these and more common items (26 in all) that are poisonous to dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, human food and cleaning supplies are not the only toxins our dogs

can get hold of. Spring is finally here, making now a good time to think about what's already growing in your garden and what you may soon be planting as plants & flowers can be both irresistible and hazardous to dogs. Fertilizers, insecticides and rat bait can also be deadly. Visit PetMD to make sure you and your pet steer clear of outdoor poisons.

March also happens to be National Walk Your Pet month, so DOGS, start your owners!

Walking the dog is good exercise and just plain fun - assuming your dog is a polite exercise companion. These visuals are great if you and dog are needing some helpful leash-training tips.

Lili Chin is the talented dog artist that created these drawings. See more of her work on Facebook or doggiedrawings.net

Additional March Dates of Interest:

March 17 Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Day (Patron saint of cats)

March 23 National Puppy Day

March 24 19th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk

March 28 Respect Your Cat Day

Stay Healthy Y'all!

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