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Save a Life: Pet CPR & First Aid

Before my class on pet CPR and 1st Aid, I wouldn't have known to check the color of Honor's gums.

She had vomited once and seemed tired- just not herself. Before the class, I would have waited until morning (it was Friday night, 9:30pm) to see if she still "had an upset stomach". Because I had taken the class, I knew to check her nose-to-tail for injuries. Her gums were so pale.

Charley & I rushed her to the 24 hour pet hospital where they were waiting for her- we'd let them know we were coming. She was bleeding internally and had "lost too much blood to wake the surgeon".

The vet let us go back to tell Honor goodnight around 1AM. She was lying on the hospital floor, so Charley & I laid next to her to sing the Honor Bo Bonor song.

The team of sweet, caring professionals who were working to stabilize her had tears in their eyes too. Honor needed IV fluids and a blood transfusion.

When the phone rang at 8am that morning, we expected the worse; news a pet's person is never ready to hear. Instead, we heard "Ms. Breece, Honor is resting comfortably." The blood in her stomach, presumably from her spleen, had either slowed or stopped. Honor was on the mend. Honor became a miracle dog January 1, 2016. Two years later and she's still going strong!! She turned 11 this January. Happy birthday sweet Honor!

I took that class in November 2015.

God is Good.

www.sitmeanssit.com offers classes in Austin and San Antonio. Red Cross has information for taking dog and cat CPR & First Aid online or finding a class near you, https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/first-aid/cat-dog-first-aid

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