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Wynley Park Turned 11 This Week!

**After writing this, I scrolled waaay back to the top to add: This is a long post. I won’t take offense if you scroll on past. If you don’t finish reading, it’s okay, I wrote it with a few of you in mind, and to remind myself...

I am blessed. I live in God’s country, surrounded by God’s people, God's critters, and doing what he has guided me to do.

Wynley Dog Memorial Park
Tuxedo, the inspiration for Wynley Park

Happy Birthday Wynley Park!

I can hardly believe this week makes it 11 years since my husband, Charley and I came home to Wynley Park. It wasn’t easy to find. It’s still a work-in-progress and yet there’s no place more peaceful to us. We are surrounded by animals we love, some still with us, some in spirit.

We have the best of neighbors, the old-fashioned kind who keep an eye on our home, check in on me when Charley’s away at drill (Army). One even lets me board Irish with her horses.

horse memorial, antique stirrup frame
my sweet Gypsy Vanner, Irish

Another loans us a few alpacas so ours can be part of a herd.

And we are close to civilization; whether we’re making the short drive to Austin for sushi or leaving on a jet plane. Going places is such fun. Yet, it will never replace the feeling of coming home.

Eleven years ago, moving to the country seemed so romantic. HA! Country life is a challenge. Everything grows faster, fades faster, needs to be repaired more often… Yesterday, I repaired a hole in the fence so Scout wouldn’t escape again. I said a quick prayer of gratitude for Charley since he is our resident Fence Master and usually takes care of that.

dog memorial, dog funeral
pavilion for Life Celebrations

Ahhh, country living... mowing takes two days. Poop scooping is endless. Uninvited, sometimes creepy, wild things move into our attic, make noises under the house. Coyotes are not welcome here, those that slither must be shot, and apparently bunnies are as appetizing as they are cute. Nope, definitely not romantic.

Still, I am blessed. I work more and make less. Actually, I make more…antique stirrup frames, hand-painted pillows, dog treats, horse muffins, stepping stones, memory bags. I make pets comfy. I make memories tangible. I make peace of mind. I get to decorate treats with your dog’s name, nurture your old cat, crate-train your puppy, socialize your fearful dog, even help you say goodbye when the time comes.

scatter ashes, pet memorials
Wynley Park Pet Celebrations

I am blessed to have a husband who said “let’s do it” when I wanted to live in the country; a husband who still says “Don’t give up. Your work with people & their animals matters”; a husband who works extra hours to bridge the gap. God bless you, Charley Keating.

If you’ve already ordered something from At Peace Pet Services, then you know "Job 12: 7-10" is on our packages.

7 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you,

or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; 8 or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. 9 Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? 10 In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

This is what motivates me, these animals, gifts from God, pieces of him, actually, to prove his existence and remind us how loved we are. I can’t say my first career as a social worker wasn’t important, but I can say I’ve never felt more accomplishment or joy. I’m not done though; my dream is still coming to fruition.

I can certainly identify with Harland Sanders. He lost his dad when he was 6. He worked lots of jobs, learning from each one before he finally realized his dream of becoming an entrepreneur when he was 40 years old. He got his own store, made it into a pretty popular little gas station. They served lunch too. Then, development of a new highway put his store out of business (this is also a fear for some of us Coupland residents. He had to start over, re-imagine his dream. He and his pressure cookers went on the road. He was 66, living out of his car and trying to convince restaurant owners that he could fry a better chicken.

He had 600 franchises at age 72. 72 years old. If you’re still reading, this is what I’d like you to know - your dream matters. It doesn’t have to be glamorous to be important.

No one else needs to approve of or even understand it. If it’s yours, it is important. Keep dreaming. Keep moving forward. The right time, the right people will come. You are enough. Your dream matters.

Good Night from Wynley Park.

Sweet Dreams.

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